Lampin Pakai Buang Huggies Ultra

Newborn 48Pcs
RM39.75 27oct15 Tesco

Small 44Pcs
39.75 27oct15 Tesco

Small 70Pcs
RM57.89 27oct15 Tesco

Size M 40Pcs
RM 39.99 Cold Storage Great Eastern Mall 21Sept2012
RM 37.85 Tesco Kepong 12okt2012

Size M 64Pcs
Rm39.90 my little bb house 9sept2012
Rm54.40 (Promo RM36.90 on 12Jan14) aeon kepong 20sept2012
RM 38.99 Carrefoure Kepong 12Mar2013
(Promo until 6Nov13 RM38.50) Rm54.40 Tesco kepong 20 Sept 2012 6Nov2013
RM 43.90 Manjaku One Stop Baby Center, Gombak 11Mar2013

Size L 54Pcs
RM54.40 @ 24Dec13 Tesco Online

Size XL 48Pcs
RM 54.40 @ 24Dec13 Tesco Online


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