Sabun Pencuci Breeze Liquid Colour Care

ReFill 1.8kg
RM11.25 18Mar16 (Promo 9.99 until 30Mar15) RM10.95@13Aug15 RM10.90@24Dec13 RM11.90@20Okt12 Tesco Kepong Tesco Online
RM11.50 12Aug15 AEON Kepong

Bottle 900g
RM8.39 18Mar16 RM8.25@13Aug15 RM8.10@23May14 RM7.50@24Dec13 Tesco Online

Bottle 2.8kg
RM18.50 12Aug15 20feb14 19Sept12 AEON Kepong
RM18.90 6okt2012 Rm17.90 04okt2012 NSK Kepong
RM23.25 18Mar16 RM18.35@13Aug15 RM22.40@23May14 RM20.90@24Dec13 Tesco Online

Bottle 4.4kg
RM30.59 18Mar16 RM27.55@13Aug15 RM27.99@24Dec13 Tesco Online
RM27.50 12Aug15 AEON Kepong


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