Susu Pekat Manis

Alif 505g
RM3.20 @ 27July13 Tesco

Cap Junjung 500g
RM3.10 @ 12Jan14 AEON Kepong
RM3.39 @ 13Jan14 Tesco

Dairi Champ 505g
RM2.99 @ 26Dec13 Tesco

Dairi Champ 1kg
RM5.69 @ 26Dec13 Tesco

F&N Teh Tarik 505g
RM2.95 @ 1sept12 aeon kepong
RM3.09 @ 27July113 Tesco

F&N Isisan Pekat Mainis 515g
RM3.99 @ 13Jan14 Tesco
RM3.65 @ 12Jan14 AEON Kepong (mark as 505g)

F&N Vitaminised EOE 505g
RM3.15 @ 12Jan14 AEON Kepong

Gold Coin 505g
RM3.30 @ 26Dec13 Tesco

Gold Coin Kopi& Teh Tarik 505g
RM2.30 @ 6okt12 NSK Selayang
RM3.30 @ 26Dec13 RM2.99@27July13 Tesco

Gold Coin Kopi & Teh Tarik 1kg
RM6.69 @ 25Dec13 Tesco

Gold Coin Evaporated Creamer 390g
RM2.80 @ 12Aug15 AEON Kepong

Marigold Kopi & Teh Tarik 505g
RM2.35 @ 6okt2012 NSK Selayang
RM2.69 @ 12okt2012 Carrefour Kepong
RM2.95 @ 25July13 Tesco

Marigold Diperkaya dgn Vitamin A,D & B1 505g
RM3.19 @ 26Dec16 Tesco

Marigold Diperkaya dgn Vitamin A,D & B1 1kg
RM6.50 @ 26Dec16 Tesco

Tea Pot 505g
RM2.50 @ 6okt12 NSK Selayang
RM3.99 @ 26Dec13 RM3.19@25July13 Tesco Online (500g)

Tea Pot 1kg
RM6.19 @ 26Dec16 Tesco

Saji Krimer Manis Teh Tarik 500g
RM2.70 12Aug15 AEON Kepong


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