Susu Segar Rendah Lemak

Marigold HL 2L
RM13.79 21Mar16 28Aug15 Tesco

Marigold HL 1L
RM 5.99 14Oct12 Carrefour Kepong
RM7.45 21Mar16 (Promo RM5.99 until 23Mar16)28Aug15 RM5.99@27Dec13 Tesco
RM6.79 21Mar16 Speedmart

Marigold HL 200mL
RM2.29 21Mar16 28Aug15 RM1.95@27Dec13 Tesco

Dutch Lady High Calcium 1L
RM7.39 21Mar16 (Promo RM5.89 until 13April16) 28Aug15 RM5.35@27Dec13 Tesco

Good Day 1L
RM8.19 21Mar16 (Promo RM5.99 until 30Mar16) 28Aug15 RM5.49@27Dec13 Tesco

Good Day 2L
RM15.89 21Mar16 28Aug15 RM14.99@27Dec13 Tesco


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