Jus Marigold Peel Fresh

Campuran Anggur Putih dan A/vera 1.89L
RM8.19 26Aug15 RM7.99@24Dec13 RM6.99@5June13 (RM7.19 promo until 31July) Tesco Online

Campuran B/currant Kranberi 1.89L
RM8.19 26Aug15 RM7.99@24Dec13 RM7.19 24July13 Tesco Online

Campuran Epal A/Vera 1.89L
RM8.19 26Aug15 RM7.99@24Dec13 RM6.89@24July13, RM7.59@5June13 Tesco Online

Epal 1L
RM5.30 20Feb14 AEON Kepong

Epal 1.89L
RM8.19 26Aug15 RM7.99@13Mar14 Tesco

Epal 2L
RM9.19 26Aug15 RM8.99@13Mar14 RM8.69@24Dec13 Tesco Online

Jambu Batu 1L
RM5.15 26Aug15 RM6.59@13Mar14 Tesco

Jambu Batu 2L
RM9.19 26Aug15 RM8.69@13Mar14 Tesco

Orange 1L
RM5.30 1Sept12 aeon kepong
RM5.29 12okt12 Carrefour Kepong
RM5.99 26Aug15 RM5.49@24Dec13 Tesco Online

Powerberries 250ml
RM1.99 19Sept12 AEON Kepong
RM2.19 26Aug15 24Dec13 Tesco Online

Powerberries 1L
RM5.99 26Aug15 RM6.99@13Mar14 Tesco


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