Sos Tomato

Jalen 330g
RM2.00 28June13 AEON Kepong
RM2.09 3Jan14 RM1.89@24July13 Tesco Online

Cap Kipas Udang 340g
RM2.80 28June13 AEON Kepong

Adabi 325g
RM2.30 3Jan14 Tesco

Life 330g
RM2.39 3Jan14 Tesco

Life 485g
RM2.89 3Jan14 Tesco

Life 685g
RM3.69 3Jan14 (Promo RM3.18 until 15Jan14) Tesco

Heinz 300g
RM4.05 3Jan14 Tesco

Heinz 397g
RM6.20 3Jan14 Tesco

Heinz 567g
RM8.30 3Jan14 Tesco

Maggi 325g
RM2.49 3Jan14 Tesco

Maggi 475g
RM3.55 13Aug15 AEON Kepong

Puteri 500g
RM3.59 3Jan14 Tesco

Puteri 1kg Refill
RM3.95 3Jan14 Tesco

Kimball 485g
RM3.10 12Aug15 AEON Kepong


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