Milo Serbuk

2kg Refill
RM35.99 @ 12Feb17 13May15 Promo RM31.99 until 15Feb17 20May15 RM33.99@23May14 27Dec13 Tesco
RM34.99 12Jan14 AEON Kepong

1kg Refill
RM19.99 @ 14Feb17 13May15 Promo 16.99 until 31May15 RM17.99@23May14 RM16.68@27Dec13 Tesco

400g Refill
RM8.79 @ 14Feb17 RM8.35@13May15 Promo RM6.89 Until 13May15 RM8.99@27Dec13 Tesco
RM8.10 12Jan14 AEON Kepong

200g Refill
RM4.79 @14Feb17 RM4.95@13May15 RM5.09@23May14 RM6.99@27Dec13 Tesco
RM4.90 12Jan14 AEON

1.5kg Tin
RM32.75 14Feb17 RM33.29@13May15 RM30.99@23May14 RM34.90@27Dec13 Tesco


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